'Sean Spicer doesn't believe Sean Spicer at this point'

'Sean Spicer doesn't believe Sean Spicer at this point'

You could argue that Manafort wasn't the unquestioned leader of the campaign for his entire tenure; but it's completely nonsensical to say that he played a "very limited" role for a "very limited" time.

Manafort was promoted in May to campaign chairman and chief strategist. Toward the end of the primary calendar in mid-April, Manafort and Rick Wiley were reportedly given control of the campaign, as campaign manager Corey Lewandowski took on a smaller role.

Manafort left the Trump campaign in August amid scrutiny over his ties to pro-Putin politicians, and was named earlier this year as a target of a USA probe into Trump and his associates' ties to Russian Federation.

On Sunday, the White House released another late-day account of the president's day, including a call with the president of Chile. These reports included hints that Manafort may have organized a lobbying effort to influence America to embrace Ukraine's pro-Russian government (prior to 2014, when it fell), allegedly in exchange for millions of dollars. CNN reported August 19 that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department were investigating Americans tied to alleged corruption of the former pro-Russian President of Ukraine, including the work of Manafort's firm.

But White House spokesman Sean Spicer also said Trump's right to "privacy" is one reason that the Trump administration hasn't trumpeted the outcomes of his meetings on golf courses.

Spicer's spin on the embattled Trump associates is so laughable that even Fox News' correspondent had a hard time swallowing it whole.

"Just to be clear, I'm not dismissing Paul Manafort as a hanger-on", he said, before referring to Carter Page and Roger Stone: "I was noting some other folks that Jonathan pointed out".

Spicer was asked Monday at a White House press conference how Trump's golf playing is "any different", from Obama's.

"With respect to Paul, though, I believe, and again, I'm not looking to re-litigate the election, but I believe Paul was brought on sometime in June, and by the middle of August, he was no longer with the campaign", Spicer said.

Although Flynn served in that capacity throughout the campaign, his final meetings with the Russian ambassador came after Trump had named him as national security adviser.

Flynn, meanwhile, was one of the president's closest advisers throughout the campaign and the transition, frequently traveling on his plane.