Russell Westbrook: Stephen Curry scuffle about protecting teammates

Russell Westbrook: Stephen Curry scuffle about protecting teammates

But those who wanted to lean back and munch on popcorn while the gladiators dueled in the Coliseum got their wish, as the physicality and rancor on the floor far exceeded any dislike funneled in from off the floor.

The Warriors didn't let the schism hinder their play on the court, as they went on to comfortably defeat the Thunder by the score of 111-95. With Durant out, this seemed like it'd be more of a fair fight.

"That's it. Once I see something going down with my teammates, I'm hopping in".

Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook was also kept relatively quiet, finishing the night with 15 points, eight rebounds and seven assists with Victor Oladipo surprisingly outscoring Westbrook with 17 points.

"That was dope", Green said.

Steven Adams made four of his five shots for nine points, but picked up just one rebound as he failed to make an impact on the glass.

"They have been steady working", Warriors forward David West said.

The Warriors improved to 56-14 with the win as the Thunder fell to 40-30.

And while the Thunder slugged through a rough shooting night (4-of-21 from 3), the Warriors' previously slumping snipers did not.

The Golden State star tangled with Christon as the pair vied for position around a jump ball with 5.3 seconds left.

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry outshined Russell Westbrook as the Golden State Warriors romped to victory against Oklahoma City on Monday (Mar 20), while James Harden produced another heroic display to hand Houston a dramatic win over Denver.

Some other notes from the game (a segment ripped shamelessly from Robert's columns)...

"It was just one of those nights", Westbrook said. He really did not look back.

Instead, open looks abounded for Thompson and Curry. I would like to submit a proposal to henceforth call any scoring deficient but highly effective box score a "Draymond". Andre Iguodala tipped it toward the OKC bench, 80 feet from the Warriors hoop, where Klay Thompson chased it down with four seconds left and heaved a lob pass over his shoulder.

There are a lot of reasons the Thunder wants to beat the Warriors.

While the top of the Dubs bench was incredibly productive, the bottom continues to be a grab bag. "It's a long, strenuous season, and the National Basketball Association does the best it can putting the schedule together but you're going to have back-to-backs and you're going to have certain games where certain things fall on certain nights. We knew it", said Thomas.

It was somehow tied for the closest Thunder-Warriors game of the season, a 16-point differential in a game that was never close and was never much different from any other this season, a spectacle for its extracurriculars and not much else.