Royal Jordanian Airlines Says It's Banning Electronics From US-Bound Flights

Royal Jordanian Airlines Says It's Banning Electronics From US-Bound Flights

CNN's aviation editor John Ostrower also reported on Friday about the electronics ban, writing for CNN Money that airlines from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa to the US would require passengers to check most electronic devices.

A representative of Saudi Arabian Airlines, based at JFK International Airport in NY, told BuzzFeed News that the ban begins immediately, and covers all electronic devices, excluding cellphones. It's not clear yet which countries might be the target of the restrictions Royal Jordanian Airlines referred to.

An announcement is expected Tuesday from Homeland Security Officials.

The officials said USA carriers are not affected because none of them fly from the airports in question to the US.

Airline passengers traveling to the US on direct flights from eight majority-Muslim nations can only carry smartphones into the cabin and must place larger electronic devices, like laptops and cameras, in checked baggage under stepped-up security measures, USA officials said. But, the airline deleted the tweet a few hours later. Fliers will be banned from bringing electronic devices larger than a cellular phone aboard the plane with them, and must instead include objects like laptops, tablets and cameras in checked luggage.

The airports affected are in Amman, Cairo, Kuwait City, Doha, Dubai, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Casablanca, Morocco; Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The ban, which seeks to bolster airline security, is to go into effect on Tuesday after the Transportation Security Administration informs the affected airlines.

The 10 worldwide airports where those airlines fly directly to the US are: Queen Alia in Jordan, Cairo in Egypt, Ataturk in Turkey, King Abdulaziz and King Khalid in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mohamed V in Morocco, Doha in Qatar, and Dubai and Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. Officials said the airports were selected based on the "current threat picture".

No American carriers were affected by the ban, the officials said.

Airlines flying to USA from certain countries will require passengers to check in nearly all electronics bigger than a cell phone.

Royal Jordanian Airlines tweeted a statement about the new rule on Monday, which is how many first caught wind of the situation.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly reportedly called congressional lawmakers over the weekend to explain the travel security issues that prompted the electronics ban, a congressional aide briefed on the discussion told the AP news agency.

The ban has been "considered" for several weeks, another official said.

The new security measure came to light when Jordanian Airlines disclosed it.