PC gamers: download Mass Effect: Andromeda day one patch

PC gamers: download Mass Effect: Andromeda day one patch

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases March 21, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Instead of character class being fixed at the start of the game we will have flexibility to switch between ability profiles to suit the situation, so Cinderella you can be the adept who engineers the infiltration of the ball!

If you are interested in that, you should download the new drivers in order to get the best possible experience.

Ian Frazier, the lead designer of Mass Effect: Andromeda responded to a tweet in regards to the day one patch for Andromeda.

You will also need to download the update in order to play the game in 4K with HDR.

Nvidia continues: "If you wish to crank the settings and resolution way up, consider SLI configurations, which are now supported in Mass Effect: Andromeda with the release of the new Game Ready driver".

GeForce hardware owners can unlock faster framerates and support for higher resolutions in the Windows PC version of Mass: Effect: Andromeda by installing Nvidia's official Game Ready drivers.

Andromeda looks incredible on PC, and runs mostly fine, PC players known how valuable it is to run the game at the best performance possible. The game is not as demanding as we thought.

Unfortunately, not all players are laughing at the note with some biting back at the developer saying that they won't take the day off because of Mass Effect: Andromeda's bad facial animations.

Following Andromeda's early access trial, much has been made of the game in motion on social media.