NFL Competition Committee to propose shorter overtime

NFL Competition Committee to propose shorter overtime

NFL overtime rules changes are coming if the league's competition committee gets its way.

A report on the NFL's website said the committee will propose trimming one-third of the total time teams have to avoid a draw in pre-season and regular season contests.

The report, from NFL Network, says the committee believes there's a "real disadvantage" for teams who are forced to play full-length overtime periods, and then prepare for a Thursday night game four days later.

It's a weird solution proposed by the league, given that quarters are 15 minutes and that the Postseason overtime rules wouldn't change at all.

The prospect of a 10-minute overtime period, coupled with the two-possession overtime rule, will result in more ties in the regular season. Recently, the league also shifted the overtime rules to make sure that each team has an opportunity to score.

The better approach would be to simply get rid of the two-possession rule for regular season games. That alone could create a negative view of these rule changes.

These are just some of the proposals set to be brought up next week at the Annual League Meeting.

According to Judy Battista, the National Football League is looking to make overtime shorter because it feels that teams who play in a regular season overtime game and then play in a Thursday night game, three to four days later, are at a disadvantage.

One potential rule change is altering the length of overtime for regular season and preseason games.

For the second time in five years, the NFL's overtime rule could be undergoing a drastic change, and if it happens, we could see more ties. Currently, they're only part-time employees, considering there are only 256 games in a season.

The NFL competition committee also is considering hiring full-time referees in 2017, ESPN's Kevin Seifert reported Monday. However, if more teams start having ties because of the change, the rule will need to be repealed.