LA 2024 Promises To Embrace French Language If Awarded The Games

LA 2024 Promises To Embrace French Language If Awarded The Games

LA 2024 vows to utilize both French and English in announcements and signage at the Olympic Games, and says it will ensure that French-speaking volunteers are available to assist athletes and other attendees to make sure they feel at home in the city during the Games.

LA 2024 made the pledge on International French-speaking day - La Journee internationale de la Francophonie - in a news release clearly targeting the International Olympic Committee; it was written in French, although a translation was provided.

Cultural groups in France threatened legal action over the use of English to promote the bid, claiming that the official languages of the Olympics are French and English - and in that order. This is an opportunity for 274 million people across five continents to celebrate the language we share and the diversity of cultures evolving within the Francophone world.

It was a similar situation at London 2012 where most of the signs were only in English.

Among those who criticised it was Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader and a contender to become the next President of France. Bid officials defended the action by claiming the "Made For Sharing" message was created to be communicated around the world.

But Paris 2024 said it was the most effective way to promote their bid internationally.

"French is the original Olympic language and LA 2024 is absolutely committed to celebrating and promoting the lovely French language if LA is given the honour of hosting the 2024 Games".

The race for the 2024 games is between Los Angeles and Paris.