Israeli Defense Forces to complete 'David's Sling' missile air defense system

The officer also shed some light on an incident last Friday, which saw the Arrow system activated in an operational capacity for the first time in its history, to intercept a Syrian surface-to-air missile (SAM) which had been fired at Israeli jets operating in Syrian airspace.

21, 2015 file photograph provided by the Israeli Ministry of Defense shows a launch of David's Sling missile defense system. He said Monday that David's Sling, meant to counter medium-range missiles possessed by Iranian-backed Hezbollah militants in Lebanon, will be operational in early April. "The new and more advanced system, which is connected with our two older systems, the Iron Dome and Arrow Missile Defense System, is more relevant to the threats posed to Israeli citizens".

David's Sling, created to shoot down rockets fired from 100 to 200 kilometres away, will be the final piece of a shield that already includes short-range Iron Dome and long-range Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 missiles.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has also warned that his group is able to hit "the entirety of occupied Palestine with missiles", but according to a senior IDF officer in the Air Defense Command, the addition of the David's Sling to Israel's air defenses now enables the IDF to protect more territory from enemy rockets or missiles.

The official spoke anonymously in line with protocol.

The official said the missile was identified as a ballistic threat and had a heavy warhead that could have landed inside Israel if not intercepted.