Hoffman taking heat for "sewer rats" comment in Legislature

Hoffman taking heat for

Deputy premier Sarah Hoffman apologized to the legislature Tuesday for using the term "sewer rats" to describe people the Wildrose Party associates with. "For a government that has shown such gross incompetence, when is the premier going to ask herself to make better choices?"

"There was no excuse and I want to start by saying that", Hoffman told reporters.

"Today, as I was asking important questions about NDP priorities and our ballooning unemployment the NDP Deputy Premier said that the Albertans who Wildrose MLAs spend time with were sewer rats".

Sarah Hoffman, who is also the Alberta health minister, made the comment on Monday's provincial question period in response to a question from the Wildrose Party, the right-of-center official opposition. We're freezing tuition. The members opposite just want to keep jacking those things up. "We're focused on hard hats [and] they're spending a lot of time with sewer rats, Mr. Speaker".

"I asked a question on behalf of all Albertans. I spent many years telling kids not to name call back, and I regret that I did so", said Hoffman. Hoffman apologized and withdrew the comment in the legislature Tuesday morning.

Hoffman then continued and accused conservatives of being hate-mongers, suggesting "those who live in glass houses decorated by hate should not be throwing stones". Well, the people I associate with are my constituents.

"That wasn't a reference to Albertans, but I understand why they may have taken it that way", Hoffman said.

"I was present at the time and in no way did she intend, or could any reasonable person infer, that she was calling Albertans sewer rats", he said.