Get eBay Packages in 3 Days With 'Guaranteed Delivery'

Get eBay Packages in 3 Days With 'Guaranteed Delivery'

Beginning in the USA this summer, eBay will allow some sellers to offer a "3 days or less" option, which will enable buyers to filter search results by items that promise delivery within a set period of time.

According to the announcement, if an eBay purchase is not delivered by the guaranteed delivery date, the buyer can request to have shipping fees refunded - or, if the shipping was free, the buyer will receive a coupon to be used toward their next eBay purchase. Ebay said you will still be able to filter by one- or two-day shipping. Alternatively, the buyer can also choose to return the item at no cost. Many of those already come with free shipping, and the new program basically gives a guaranteed date for when shoppers can expect their purchases to arrive.

The Guaranteed Delivery policy is set to launch in the U.S. this summer, but exact dates were not shared.

- Hal Lawton, Senior Vice President of North America at eBay. And we've seen eBay shift closer toward Amazon's model in recent times.

You will also be able to create up to 20 shipping rate tables and specify shipping charges based on more than 100 regions, the proximity of your warehouse to your buyer's location, and multiple shipping services. In the USA, due to the size of the country, two-day delivery is pretty much equivalent to next day delivery in the UK.

eBay adds that at launch it's going to guarantee delivery in three days or less on more than 20 million eligible items with millions of these items offering free shipping.

"What happens if an item does not arrive by the guaranteed date?" There's no reason that if I order early in the morning that a seller can't dispatch the same day and deliver to me tomorrow.

eBay is marketing the Delivery Guarantee program to sellers by saying that it will attract new buyers and that existing customers will be happier. Or do you already offer the service and just wish eBay would guide more buyers to your listings?