Game Boy Emulator For Apple Watch: Where To Find Source Code

Game Boy Emulator For Apple Watch: Where To Find Source Code

The biggest obstacle to any graphically-intensive software running on Apple Watch is a lack of support for the OpenGL or Metal graphics APIs within watchOS.

Developer Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan's latest hack makes running Doom on an Apple Watch look tame, by turning an Apple Watch into a mostly-functional Game Boy emulator (as spotted by Ars Technica).

When we say it's useable, that's being a little bit kind as the Apple Watch's limited hardware set means that certain games will not run.

Named after the Team Rocket villain Giovanni, the mini Game Boy is a more advanced version of a previous iOS emulator called Gambatte. Even on the most recent Series 2 hardware, the emulator is only able to play games at a fraction of the speed of an actual Game Boy.

If you've checked the App Store lately via the Apple Watch app, then you're likely aware of how limited the gaming library is on watchOS. Unfortunately, the new Game Boy emulator can not work as the developer wanted it to perform on the Apple Watch. Scrolling through a list of options is basically what the Crown was made for, and if the framerate was even slightly higher, the interaction could nearly be better than a hardware D-pad. O'Flaherty-Chan has made Giovanni available as an open-source project on Github, if you've got the technical know-how and want to try it out for yourself. The remaining space was dedicated to extremely tiny Start and Select buttons.

The main reason is that the OS constraints for smartwatches do not allow it to work properly. According to O'Flaherty-Chan, this Game Boy Color emulator includes photos and GIFs of the port in action.

Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan is a Toronto-based iOS developer working at Frenzy. Nevertheless, he claimed that he is proud of the fact that he managed to transform into reality something which seemed impossible at the beginning.

That's because developer Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan has turned the wearable into a Game Boy Color and, for the most part, it works seamlessly.