Exciting Details About Watch Dogs 2 Human Condition DLC Revealed

Exciting Details About Watch Dogs 2 Human Condition DLC Revealed

Sorry, Xbox fans, but you will have to wait a little longer. In Human Conditions, players will have to face new enemies in the story, including the Bratva and Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney, who players will recognize from the original Watch Dogs game.

The DLC is called Human Conditions, and it brings three new DedSec Operations: Bad Medicine, Caustic Progress, and Automata.

In Bad Medicine, we have Marcus investigating multiple hospitals under attack from randsomware.

It is set to be released "soon" to prepare the San Francisco Bay Area for the release of the Human Conditions DLC. Automata sees Marcus go up against in-game internet company Nudle and its new biometric, self-driving cars. Of course, you'll be able to add the self-driving auto to your vehicle list after completing Automata, though it will no longer be self-driving.

Last week, Ubisoft released a new Watch Dogs 2 update that was created to help prepare the way for the game's story DLC, called Human Condition. In these missions lie a new enemy class. The enemies' anti-hack devices can disable your own hacking abilities.

Ubisoft says this expansion adds over five hours of new content to Watch Dogs 2, as well as "new challenges to enrich the overall game experience".

After Watch Dogs 2 released its patch last week, players have discovered a mystery quest hidden in the game. The DLC will be free of charge for those who purchased the season pass, though, a price hasn't been announced yet for those who haven't purchased the season pass. It will launch on PS4 for February 21 and on March 23 for PC and Xbox One. Most players don't even really have enough information to try and guess the identity of the Shuffler, and this is a community that, last September, solved a previous mystery in the game in a matter of days. Will you be downloading it today?