Drake Samples a Classic by Jennifer Lopez on "Teenage Fever"

Drake Samples a Classic by Jennifer Lopez on

With Spotify's one day record already broken and sales projections looking at 500k, one thing is for sure: this project has again proved that Drake is one of the most polarizing artists in music.

Online sources announced More Life exceeded over 2.5 million tweets in the first 36 hours after its release.

A Spotify spokeswoman confirmed to AFP that the release was listened to 61,302,082 times on Sunday, the first full day for the track. Described by Drake as a "playlist to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life", it was hard to know what to expect from the release. As the debate rages on over whether Drake's playlist will inspire others to forgo albums themselves, it seems like "More Life" has let him explore styles beyond his usual boundaries.

Each track on "More Life" flawlessly transitions into the next; However, Drake provides enough sonic switch-ups that no two songs sound alike throughout the playlist.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, that means you can get Amazon Music Unlimited for $7.99 per month of $79 for the year. But even if the difference between albums, mixtapes and playlists is increasingly a matter of semantics, the existence of the latter pair might tell you something about the nature of pop stardom in 2017. The playlist features slick productions and innovative collaborations with established and rising acts, but Drake remains the star and driving force behind the project. One more interesting feature comes from Quavo on the previous record, "Portland".

What are your thoughts on More Life?

Drake said of the project, "It's not an album but it is a body of work I'm creating, just to bridge the gap between my major releases, to keep people excited".

Adelle Platon has the dope on the collaborators on More Life hereand Fader's Ezra Glenn goes one step better with track-by-track credits.