Weekly Warp-Up: Sonic the Hedgehog Races Into the Spotlight…

Weekly Warp-Up: Sonic the Hedgehog Races Into the Spotlight…

Sega's 2017 Sonic game from the "Project Sonic" game finally had its first official gameplay video, which showcases the future look of the upcoming platformer from the veteran company.

Sonic Mania, the 2D Sonic remix that actually holds a lot of promise, was recently delayed to Summer, and like pretty much all game delays at this over-saturated point in time, more than anything that news came as a relief.

The game looks absolutely fantastic - it's safe to say that it's the best looking Sonic game ever made, with detailed shading, particle effects and an enormous draw distance for the level as Sonic sprints through it.

Sega has revealed gameplay footage for Sonic Forces, reintroducing the beloved hedgehog in the new teaser. The giant death egg will not just destroy the whole city but is also capable of exploding Sonic by shooting death balls.

Will Sonic Forces meet players' expectations? As to how it will differ is still not within anybody's guess, but the short demo is a reassurance that a quality Sonic game in the form of "Sonic Forces" is about to arrive and it two flavors two, featuring the classic Sonic and the slightly modern one. One of the Sonic characters is quite similar to its cartoony 2D origins, whereas the other is a more advanced 3D character from the game in this millennium, notes Polygon. The game, which runs on the new engine "The Hedgehog Engine 2", pays reference to the struggle between the good and evil forces.