War Machine found guilty on 29 charges in Christy Mack assault case

War Machine found guilty on 29 charges in Christy Mack assault case

Former UFC fighter War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver, was found guilty on more than two-dozen charges in connection with an assault on his ex-girlfriend Christy Mackinday and her friend stemming from his arrest in 2014.

A jury in Las Vegas has found a former mixed martial arts fighter known as War Machine guilty of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his porn actress ex-girlfriend.

The verdict, which was read in a Clark County courtroom in Las Vegas, Nevada, included three no guilty verdicts and a hung jury in two attempted murder charges against both Mack and her ex-boyfriend Corey Thomas, where the jury was unable to reach a decision.

Koppenhaver, 35, carried out a brutal assault against Mack and Thomas in August 2014 which left Mack suffering from numerous injuries included a punctured lung and several broken bones. She also had a ruptured liver that prevented doctors from initially operating on her for fear of putting her under anesthesia. She told jurors of the abuse at the hands of Koppenhaver had occurred over a period of months and on the night of the assault she "genuinely felt [she] was going to die", per David Ferrara of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Bellator, with whom Koppenhaver had his last fight in October 2013, immediately released him after reports of the assault surfaced.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver was convicted on 29 counts by the Las Vegas jury on Monday, and faces up to life in prison at sentencing.