UK prime minister to trigger Brexit on March 29: spokesman

UK prime minister to trigger Brexit on March 29: spokesman

Brexit minister David Davis has said there would be no sudden drop in numbers, as it would take years to fill low-skilled jobs in hospitality, social care and agriculture now done by immigrants.

"They will all see from the UK's example that leaving the European Union is a bad idea", Juncker told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

Britain's envoy to Brussels, Sir Tim Barrow, "has informed the European Union this morning that Britain will trigger Article 50 on March 29", the Government said.

Tusk reiterated on Monday that he would send governments a draft of Brexit negotiating guidelines within 48 hours of May's letter, which will set out Britain's demands for the talks.

We assumed that there would be a deal on preserving the existing rights for EU living in Britain, and British citizens living in the EU and that Britain and the EU would continue to co-operate on security matters.

The notification of Article 50 will take the form of a letter to Tusk, likely outlining Britain's key objectives, followed by a statement by May to MPs in the House of Commons.

2018 - May wants to negotiate a comprehensive free trade deal.

Tusk's spokesman, Preben Aamann, told CNN that the European Union will require between four to six weeks to consult with the other 27 member states and hammer out an initial negotiating position.

Asked if the devolved governments had been informed this notification was being given on Monday, the Prime Minister's official spokesman said: "We are informing you all essentially now".

Tusk tweeted his response to the news, confirming that "within 48 hours of the United Kingdom triggering Article 50, I will present the draft #Brexit guidelines to the EU27 Member States". However, beyond the likelihood that it will express the desire to reach a deal with the European Union, it is unlikely to give too many hints on Britain's negotiating stance.

Last week, Juncker expressed in a statement to the European Parliament that he is hoping for a constructive process "conducted in an orderly manner".

"It is also extraordinary that the prime minister has failed to provide any certainty about her plans for Brexit or to prepare for the clear dangers of not reaching a deal with the EU".

The move will also come just days after European leaders gather in Italy to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which laid the foundations for the EU.

Meanwhile, Britain's Institute for Government has said as many as 15 new Parliamentary Bills may be needed due to Brexit.