This is iPhone 7 Inspired Samsung Galaxy S8 Jet Black Colour Variant

This is iPhone 7 Inspired Samsung Galaxy S8 Jet Black Colour Variant

Therefore we may see top quality camera features this time.

Samsung confirmed that the device would be available with a great price of $599.99 and is already available to pre-order from or retailers like Amazon or Best Buy, with a choice of two colors, black or silver. However, this won't be easy pitting their device against Apple's tenth anniversary iPhone. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is predicted to launch along with its sibling Samsung Galaxy S8+.

The new Galaxy S8 AnTuTu benchmark video also highlights the advancements in processor technology, as both the Snapdragon 839 and the Exynos 8895 run on a 10-nanometer architecture as opposed to the 14-nm architecture of older processors. It will also employ more power-efficient organic light-emitting diode technology. It also features a Samsung logo on the back side.

Furthermore, the sources also shared that the Korean tech giant is now coordinating with banks to help the latter embrace and incorporate facial recognition systems within the year, in line with the smartphone's global release.

That Note 7 "burning" fiasco cost more than $6 billion to company. We have seen a ton of leaks about the devices till now and they all look very promising.

The latest leak related to the Samsung phones is related to the European prices for the devices.

From a long time company has been trying to put its facial detection technology to new level. It is most probably a face or picture recognition scanner.

And now that the current generation of Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro has been in the good books of the maximum number of viewers, even the Indian users are anticipated to give great feedbacks to the features of the Smartphone.

However, taking into consideration that currency does not convert directly, it is possible the Galaxy S8 could cost around $799 in the US, while the Galaxy S8 Plus could cost around $899.