Star Citizen dumps DirectX 12 plans to focus on Vulkan-powered graphics

Star Citizen dumps DirectX 12 plans to focus on Vulkan-powered graphics

Cloud Imperium Games has announced that it is to drop DirectX 12 support from its long-in-development crowd-funded spacefaring title Star Citizen, in favour of the cross-platform Vulkan application programming interface (API) - and has teased at potential support for Linux to boot.

The Director of Graphics Engineering at Cloud Imperium Games, Ali Brown, revealed this piece of information on the official Star Citizen forums, going on to say that the Vulkan API's support for Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as Linux, were the main factors in making this decision, as using DirectX 12 would restrict their user base to only Windows 10 users.

Cloud Imperium Game's visual effects designer Alistair Brown recently explained what they have in store for the game when it comes to upcoming patches, including adding native support for the Vulkan API.

Revealed back in 2012 by Chris Roberts as a spiritual successor to his Wing Commander franchise, Star Citizen quickly set about breaking every possible crowdfunding record. So it is their intention to drop DX12 in favor of strictly Vulkan support. DX12 would only be considered if we found it gave us a specific and substantial advantage over Vulkan. Currently Star Citizen runs using DirectX 11 but the plan was to phase out that API in preference for DirectX 12.

I found it interesting that the developers find that, "95% of the work for these APIs is to change the paradigm of the rendering pipeline, which is the same for both APIs".

One of the key offerings Microsoft has to try and tempt gamers to upgrade to Windows 10 is DirectX 12 support.

Star Citizen and its single-player stand-alone Squadron 42 game module have managed to raise over U.S. $145 million, with over 1.7 million users backing it up.

Star Citizen is under development but is available in alpha form for $45.00.