Spicer Pressed on Why Trump's Golf Trips Are Different Than Obama's

Spicer Pressed on Why Trump's Golf Trips Are Different Than Obama's

Manafort is one of several Trump aides whose ties to Russian Federation have come under scrutiny amid an ongoing FBI counterespionage investigation into contacts between the campaign and Russian Federation.

During a press briefing, Spicer said some of those who are under investigation for their connections to Russian Federation, which is thought to have interfered in the 2016 election to attempt to swing it in Trump's favor, didn't have prominent roles on the Trump campaign - including one of Trump's former campaign managers.

"There's been a discussion of Paul Manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time", said Spicer, who clarified that Trump stands by earlier claims that he wasn't aware of contact between campaign officials and Russian Federation during the election.

Spicer said it was a "vast reach" to suggest Trump's trips should be curbed in light of his budget blueprint released last week, which proposes steep cuts to federal programs like Meals on Wheels in order to offset a huge boost in defense and security spending.

Manafort was hired by the Trump campaign in March 2016 to lead the delegate operation on the floor of the Republican National Committee in Cleveland.

Manafort's tenure as campaign manager-during which the R.N.C. Even Stalin was more subtle when he airbrushed Nikolai Yezhov out of existence.

He then accused the Democratic Party of not looking hard enough at Clinton, a lost soul wandering the NY woods in obscurity, and instead going after Trump, the leader of the free world. Speaking Monday, Spicer also tried to put distance between the White House and former national security adviser Michael Flynn. "Hey, Jonathan, somebody's asking a question".

Although Manafort played no official role in the campaign between August and November, sources told CNN in December that the former chairman was still very much involved with Trump and played an informal role in the presidential transition.

"So many people (are) jumping to the conclusion that he was going down and playing golf". "You saw him utilize this as an opportunity with [Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe] to help foster a deeper relationship in Southeast Asia, in Asia rather, and have a growing relationship that's going to help USA interests", Spicer said."On a couple of occasions he's actually conducted meetings there, he's had phone calls". He did not provide other examples.