Meeting with Iraqis, Trump criticizes Iran deal

Meeting with Iraqis, Trump criticizes Iran deal

He criticized President Barack Obama's withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq after the two countries failed to reach an agreement to continue USA troops' immunity from prosecution in Iraqi courts.

At the start of his first meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on March 20, Trump said Iran was one of the issues his team would discuss with the Iraqi delegation.

Trump said he also would address what he described as a "vacuum" that was created when so-called Islamic State (IS) militants took over large swaths of territory in western and northern Iraq.

Trump also affirmed U.S. support for the fight against the terrorist group ISIS and said "a lot of things are different than they were just five or six weeks ago" in that regard.

Abadi, the first Arab head of government to meet with Trump since he took office, is in Washington as the USA convenes a summit with 68 nations fighting the Islamic State.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi posed for photos in the White House driveway and the Oval Office before the pair commenced bilateral meetings.

Trump planned to talk with Abadi about ways to intensify the fight against the Islamic State and relations with Iran, a White House official said.

Trump campaigned on a promise to dramatically ramp up the assault on IS and has vowed to eradicate "radical Islamic terrorism".