Ivanka Trump's Brand Sued Over "Unfair Competition"

Ivanka Trump's Brand Sued Over

Now, a California-based retailer is literally suing Ivanka's company for special treatment.

Modern Appealing Clothing (MAC) has filed a class-action lawsuit against Ivanka Trump Marks, LLC, claiming that the defendant has gained unfair advantage "from Donald J. Trump being the President of the United States and from Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared, working for the President of the Unites States", according to court documents published by the International Business Times.

Ivanka Trump may have gotten a boost among Donald Trump supporters after mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway went on national TV to tell people to buy her clothes.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, the company says even the prez is "exploiting the power and prestige of the White House" simply to help his daughter's company make a few bucks. While the lawsuit doesn't cite particular instances, a potential example would be the brand promoting a bracelet that Ivanka wore on "60 Minutes" in December.

After the incident, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said during his daily briefing that Conway had "been counseled on that subject, and that's it".

The complaint also argues that employees at Ivanka Trump exploited the first daughter's elevated position post-election, saying that the company "piggy-back [ed]" promotion of items on government events. Yahoo Style has reached out to the Trump brand for comment and will update with any response. The company confirmed that sales have been up since February, and some experts say that's likely because of her brand's bump in publicity.

The suit also asked for a restraining order that prevents the Ivanka Trump label from being sold in California.