Arsene Wenger wants to stay at Arsenal beyond this season

Arsene Wenger wants to stay at Arsenal beyond this season

However, Arsenal fans should start preparing for Wenger to remain at the club.

Wenger told the press after an embarrassing defeat to West Brom on Saturday that they would "soon know" whether he had made a decision to stay put in north London.

He has been a great manager for Arsenal.

Pulis told the media on Saturday when asked to speculate on Wenger's future, "I'll be surprised if he goes".

Cue 48 hours of speculation about what might be going through the Arsenal manager's mind, with some outlets reporting that he had chose to stay and others citing "insiders" insisting no final decision has been made.

The former Leicester City star thinks managers will be "scrambling over each other" in order to take over from Wenger, who will reveal his decision over his future soon.

"That's not true", an Arsenal spokesman told Germany's Sky Sports News. Although Spurs somehow managed to not finish above them on the final day of last season, there's a strong sense this season (backed up by the current league table) that Mauricio Pochettino's men have overtaken Arsenal as the stronger of North London's teams. A plane was flown over the stadium that read: "No contract #Wenger Out".

They recently lost 10-2 on aggregate to Bayern in the Champions League, going out in the round of 16 for the seventh season running. "It's more, it's not that", said the Arsenal boss.

Wenger said on the weekend: "It will not necessarily be linked with that [Champions League qualification] because I've done the top four 20 times. It's more. It's not that", he said. "We have a big fight, I agree with you and it could be very hard now".