April the giraffe's calf is 'sticking out'

April the giraffe's calf is 'sticking out'

We mean, countless people have tuned into the stunning creature's live stream for about a month, hoping to discover that the 15-year-old animal has finally welcomed her calf into the world.

If you've been keeping tabs on April the Giraffe, you might be relieved to know that: "Holy smokes the baby is sticking out".

Over the weekend, the park posted updates to inform April's followers that her appetite remains strong and that her belly has nearly doubled in size in just days.

April the giraffe's calf is "sticking out" as the popular animal draws closer to giving birth, zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park said.

"Observation over night peaked our interest a few times, but nothing to report just yet", officials wrote on Facebook. The calf will weigh around 150 pounds and be approximately 6 feet tall at birth, zoo officials said. "April is eating but not as ravenous as days prior". "All are happy with progress, we are not in labor at this time".

"Temperatures are warming and snow is melting".

"Keepers have noted a calming down of the calf and April carrying everything a bit towards the rear". Excitingly - a new batch of enrichment items should be arriving tomorrow and will be installed for viewer enjoyment! "Hope all had a great weekend and we look forward to another week and hopefully the arrival of our long awaited calf".