16-year fight gets Irom Sharmila 90 votes

16-year fight gets Irom Sharmila 90 votes

In an emotional breakdown, Sharmila told the Indian Express that she will never contest elections again. However, that support failed to transform into votes.

During her political campaign, Sharmila said that she wanted to get married as part of her new life after fasting which enraged a section of the people, who had unleashed a barrage of criticism and may have partly contributed to her defeat.

What didn't help further is that he has been critical of many of those in Manipur who have supported Sharmila's fight including activists and local journalists. But her personality is not one of a typical politician. But all three, including her, forfeited their deposits.

The issue of AFSPA and the extra-judicial killings in the "disturbed" state by the security forces with full impunity, is significant for the national media.

"But I am fed up with politics after this result: I continued without even water for 16 year yet". On her birthday, one can only hope that Manipur remembers what the fearless fighter did for them and quickly forgets her political misadventure. Leichombam, who came back to India four years ago from the USA, contested in Thangmeiband.

She today arrived in this tribal hamlet to be away from the post poll frenzy and made it clear she would continue her fight for human rights and protecting democratic values on her return. "I don't feel much affected by it, because people can still change their minds and everybody knows muscle and money power is being openly used by parties", Irom said. Last year, in a Delhi court last year, Irom said with tears in her eyes, "I want to stay alive". Among the 268 candidates in these elections, there were only ten women candidates.

According to CVoter, Inner Manipur has its votes divided between BJP and Congress (BJP-14 and Congress-15), while the newly-created districts have voted for BJP and not the ruling Congress - BJP 8 seats and Congress 3 seats.