Kate Middleton refuses to meet Donald Trump, the reason revealed!

Kate Middleton refuses to meet Donald Trump, the reason revealed!

Now the re-surfacing of tweets that Trump sent back in 2012 about the Queen's granddaughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, have only added fuel to the fire.

It is especially desirous if the couple are royalty, and even more so if they are as royal as British royalty, Kate Middleton, and Prince William.

However, the 70-year-old failed to mention the fact that these were heavily pixelated, due to the fact that Kate had been photographed with a long-lens camera while relaxing in a PRIVATE villa.

Kate Middleton Prince William serve marriage goals
Donald Trump's tweet about Kate Middleton's topless photos could make state visit with Queen very awkward

"Kate Middleton is great but she shouldn't be sunbathing in the nude-only herself to blame", tweeted Trump. The forms, therefore, oblige him to do the same with the new president-elect.

While we might not be sure of what actually goes down behind closed doors, at least we can judge by their relation with each other in public and these pictures tell a story of love, affection, devotion and the pure happiness that come with being royal and being in love.

At a time when Britons are signing petitions and protesting against US President Donald Trump's state visit to the United Kingdom, reports state the 70-year-old Republican's visit might get a bit awkward - reason being his nasty comments about Kate Middleton in the past. In a tweet, he did not hesitate to say: "Who would not want to take a picture for Kate make lots of money if she likes to sunbathe naked Let Kate.". Regarding the princes Harry and William, the brothers still remember the sentence inadequate about their mother, Lady Di, where Donald Trump said he would sleep well with it, despite the fact that it " insane ".