New Pacific Pro Football League to Base 4 Teams in Southern California

New Pacific Pro Football League to Base 4 Teams in Southern California

A new pro football league announced Wednesday it plans to begin hiring players in winter 2017 and staging games in summer 2018. Players will also receive paid tuition and books at local community colleges, according to a statement sent out by the league.

Pac Pro (#pacpro) is America's first professional football league to utilize - and compensate - players not eligible for other professional leagues.

Don Yee, who has represented the New England Patriots quarterback for his entire career, is spearheading the launch of Pacific Pro Football, a developmental league consisting entirely of college-aged players that will give players coming out of high school another option besides the NCAA. Average annual salary and benefits for each player there is projected at $50,000, with four teams initially based in Southern California's most populous counties.

"Pac Pro", founded by Yee and former National Football League wide receiver Ed McCaffrey, is set begin play in July 2018, Yee said in a recent interview with Vice Sports.

Also on the league's advisory board are former head coach Mike Shanahan, former NFL executive Jim Steeg, current Fox NFL officiating analyst Mike Pereira, former chief strategist for the John McCain campaign Steve Schmidt and ESPN's Adam Schefter. "Every team will have a counselor to help players develop their interests academically and/or vocationally, and assist with coordinating meaningful internships in their fields of interest", said Yee.

Pac Pro recently closed its angel round of financing and has commenced discussions with content distributors, sponsors, facilities, and local political leaders.

"Professional football is a very specialized game; it demands precise techniques and a certain mental approach", said Shanahan.