'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Eric Gives Steffy An Unexpected Ultimatum

'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Eric Gives Steffy An Unexpected Ultimatum

On Wednesday, Eric (John McCook) engages in a heart-to-heart talk with his granddaughter about her position as CEO.

The Bold and the lovely spoilers tease that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge's road to marriage may be a bumpy ride over the next few months. Brooke, however, insisted she would tie the knot with Ridge. Brooke said yes to his touching proposal, but he has a score to settle before he can walk down the aisle with the love of his life. Quinn did as he requested, but fell off the pedestal and twisted her ankle. Ridge put some ice on her ankle, which seemed to please Quinn.

On Tuesday, Bill tried to convince Brooke to change her mind about marrying Ridge. Even so, it is unlikely that she would throw away her life with Eric away for a short fling with his son. Later, Quinn told Eric that she and Ridge may be getting along after all. However, the question is, will she fall for his scheme to prove to his father that she's a gold digging opportunist? "You know that it's over when it hurts too much for it not to be", she claims. The problem is Steffy loves both of them, in different ways. This prompts Eric to talk to Steffy about her marriage situation.

He also uses the opportunity to tell Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) that she should live with her husband. It creates an opening for Wyatt to win her back, just in time to cancel their divorce.

The Bold and the lovely spoilers suggest that Thomas will come unglued when he returns from NY when he learns that he was passed over for the CEO position. When Thomas returns from NY, he refuses to stay quiet about his displeasure about not even being considered for the job.

The Bold and the lovely spoilers suggest that Kate (Heather Tom) and Quinn will start 2017 on a sour note. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Katie visited Eric and found out that Quinn's not there. The Bold and the handsome spoilers tease that Katie decides to stay out of Quinn's way, as long as she doesn't cross the line with Eric by hurting him.

What's More Important? Perhaps the worst part is breaking the news to the man she loves.

The Bold and the lovely fans, what January storyline are you most excited to see?

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